Mass Spec Standards

IROA Technologies now supplies 8 unique authentic sets of library standards

CONVENIENT 96-WELL FORMAT - Easy storage, no glass bottles

HIGH PURITY AND STABLE - Supplied as 5 µg dried weight; plenty of material for multiple injections

MLSDiscovery SOFTWARE - Data processing, data collection and data reduction tool creates libraries in hours


IROA for Cannabis
How many compounds can be accurately identified simutaneously in a cannabis sample?

The IROA TruQuant IQQ Cannabis workflow provides a software solution together with a carefully formulated Cannabis Internal Standard containing over 500 compounds.  The compounds are computationally easy to find, provide completely verified compound identify, and serve as a daily measure of instrumentation performance (complete QA/QC).  


IROA Technologies LLC is looking for an analytical testing partner whereby our protocols would be trialed for the accurate and reproducible measurement of cannabis compounds. Please contact either or for further information.
Ion Suppression?

Learn how to correct for Ion Suppression to achieve accurate quantitation

The IROA TruQuant IQQ WORKFLOW provides: 1) a method for the reproducible accurate identification of 100’s of compounds, 2) a means to generate suppression-corrected quantitation and sample-to-sample normalization irrespective of the analytical systems used, and 3) a process to validate instrument and analytical procedures across time and platforms (QA/QC). 

Better data always yields better results.  Why waste time working up bad data?