MS Standards

Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards (MSMLS) supplied with software tool MSMLSDiscovery.

Over 600 high quality primary metabolite standards provided in convenient 96 well format. MSMLSDiscovery is a software tool designed to help build authentic standard libraries for MS and supports the extraction, manipulation, and stoarge of the date generated when using MSMLS. These libraries can then in turn be used for sample analysis also using MSMLS Discovery. 

New! Large Scale Metabolite Library of Standards (LSMLS) )

504 high quality primary metabolite standards provided in convenient 96 well format at 1 mg per compound, plus Discovery software tool

How many actual metabolites are in your data set, really? Here's how to find out...

Cost effective identification and quantitation of 100’s of analytes simultaneously

  • Unique fully labeled IROA (U- 95% 13C) yeast extract for use as complex Internal Standard (IS)
  • Artifactual, non-paired peaks can be eliminated, removing false data
  • Software to automatically find, quantitate and ID corresponding IS compounds in experimental samples



CIL & IROA Team Up

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc and IROA Technologies LLC team up to provide metabolic profiling kits for quantitative analysis with a software solution.

  • Overcomes the analytical challenges associated with analytical variance, artifactual peaks, and metabolite identification.
  • The IROA protocol uses both heavy (95% 13C) and light (5% 13C) labeling of biochemical samples to give rise to unique labeling patterns that are readily identified and distinguished with MS and software algorithms to automatically find, quantitate compounds.


IROA Biochemical Quantitation Kit Catalog #300-250 (for Mammalian cells)

    Like SILAC, IROA utilizes full metabolic labeling to distinguish between two mammalian cell populations but uses both 5% 13C (experimental samples) and 95%13C (control samples) to remove artifacts/noise, calculate carbon number and molecular formula to enable metabolite identification.